Embroidery & Digitizing

Embroidery & Digitizing

Our needle work is awesome. Our embroidery services are the best.

Our embroidery experts have been keeping up with the evolution of t-shirt printing from the beginning. If you're searching for a professionalism and excellence in your clothing, embroidery may be the ideal printing alternative for you. We utilize specialized software and machined-powered needles to produce an upscale and professional look for your designs. Whether you want polo shirts, hats, bags, or jackets with your custom design, the near-automated process will finish them in no time.

Your embroidered products are made by putting your chosen design into a hoop. Every color of your design is stitched with a distinct thread, producing a high-quality and long-lasting item. Higher amounts of excellent stitches guarantee that your products will last longer than you might expect. Whether you're decorating company polo shirts or fleece sweatshirts for your company, we guarantee you'll be able to wear them with pride.

If you're interested in having custom embroidery done, here are a few things you should know.

It's crucial to consider a few unique factors when converting a design into embroidery.

  • Small designs may be difficult to sew, so we may need to simplify or remove outlines, small details, and shading. If your design is too complex, you may receive an online proof that is simpler than the design you ordered.
  • It's crucial that your branding is legible, and you want people to notice it. We suggest embroidered text at least 1/4 inch tall. If your text is shorter than that, we'll make sure it gets noticed.
  • The proportions of certain elements might need to be slightly changed in order to ensure that the design is sewn cleanly. This will be clearly reflected in your online proof.

So, what is Digitizing?

Digitizing is the process of converting existing artwork into a stitch file that an embroidery machine can sew on a garment. Pretty much any design can be digitized using the proper software and skill.

Send us your digitized file or your artwork and we'll digitize it for you. Either way, let's get your embroidery project started!

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